Is it really worth buying?

We think it is! Using PeopleToNotion saves you up to 1 minute of tedious manual copy-paste for each LinkedIn profile you want to save. Do the math for a whole month!

Who is this best for?

PeopleToNotion was developped with freelancers, entrepreneurs and Notion power-users in mind.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. You can download the extension and save up to 15 profiles for free to see if PeopleToNotion can create value for you.

Is there a Notion CRM template to get started?

Yes. You can duplicate our template into your Notion workspace to get started in no-time. It has the basic structure to use PeopleToNotion, but feel free to customize it to your needs.

Which browsers are supported?

PeopletoNotion works on Chrome and all Chromium-based browsers, including Arc.

What is the difference with Notion's extension?

Notion's official Chrome extension doesn't automatically fill out all the contact details.